NodeMCU Lua ESP8266 WiFi Module 32M Flash

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This is an excellent NodeMCU compatible WiFi Module.

These are high quakity boards Manufactured by RobotDyn and individually Q.C. Passed.

NodeMCU Lua support and compatible with the Arduino IDE.

Integrated WiFi using a esp8266 System on Chip from Expressif

With a large 32 MB Flash memory allowing the use of standard libraries

USB comms is handled by a CH340 device for quick and easy setup

Ideal for projects where a WiFi is required either has an access point or station and offering event drive API for network applications.

With Arduino like hardware and Arduino IDE compatibilty these boards make an excellent choice for IoT and WiFi projects

Suplied in an anti static bag with pin headers


  • NodeMCU Lua
  • ESP8266 integrated WiFi 
  • USB: CH340
  • Memory: 32 M Flash
  • Supply: 4 - 9 Vdc
  • Arduin0-like hardware IO (Ardunio IDE Compatible)
  • Event-driven API for network applicaitons
  • 10 GPIOs D0-D10
  • PWM functionality
  • I2C and SPI communicaiton, one wire and ADC A0
  • Wifi networking (access point and/or station)
  • PCB size: 48 mm x 26 mm
  • Supplied with pin headers

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