IRF540N MOSFET Module. Opto Isolated.

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Based on the IRF540N N-Channel Power MOSEFT this transistor switch module is ideal for controlling higher power DC loads direct from a 5V logic signal.

The board is fitted with a PC817 opto isolator allowing for direct control from projects based on Arduino and other embedded platforms such as Raspberry PI while controlling higher voltage loads up 24V (36V Peak)

Space is provided on the board should you require a heatsink to be fitted to the MOSFET.


  • PCB Size: 41mm x 23mm
  • IRD540N N-Channel MOSFET
  • 5V Logic Control
  • Opto Isolated
  • VCC: 5V
  • VDC 4.5V to 24V (peak 36V) 
  • Load: 50W

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